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EducART 3D

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  • EducART 3D is a free entry level mobile app that can easily be downloaded and used by students.

    It uses simple β€œMarkers” to trigger augmented reality experiences that students can interact and engage with to gain an in-depth understanding of complex concepts.
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EducART Pro

$25 per Class / month

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  • EducART Pro is the ideal tool to use with your class. Teachers can access a range of immersive learning content and share it with the class for them to explore and better understand complex concepts. In addition students can create and share their own content to demonstrate their learning. Starter pack includes one class of up to 30 students.
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EducART Vertex


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  • If you want to go all the way and introduce full immersive collaboration β€œDigital Twins”, advanced learning assessment tools, IOT Integration and Workflow tools then EducART Vertex might be for you. But you don’t have to start at the top. An upgrade from EducART Pro to EducART Vertex is straight forward and can easily be done down the track.
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