What are the differences between AR, VR and MR?

It is of no surprise that the general public get confused when asked about the differences between VR and AR. While both augmented and virtual reality may focus primarily on making a more interactive and fun experience for the users, the methods in doing so are vastly different. AR overlays augmented objects onto a real-life environment while enhancing our senses and create a whole new environment to enjoy.


On the other hand, VR places the user in a whole new immersive, simulated environment, creating an encompassing ecosystem and allowing the real word to be forgotten for a period of time. However, the one major selling point of augmented reality is the way the technology enhances the perception of reality. Let’s not forget a third player in this virtual game: Mixed reality(MR). MR is similar to AR in more ways than one, yet the two are not exactly alike for some reason. Although MR combines real and virtual world just like AR does, it takes things one step further and here’s a prime example. It opens the opportunity for the creation of new environments and visualisations where physical and digital objects can not only coexist but also interact with each other in real time. In a nutshell, it is pretty obvious to me that our society will be in for a real treat when these technological developments come to fruition.